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Behind Golden Lake Estates Ltd. lies a team of experienced employees that have worked in the land development industry on Cape Breton Island for over ten years. Land Development means we thoughtfully choose land. We consider many criteria’s that play a large roll in choosing land such as; the location, the proximity to the infrastructure, the trees and, when planning, the layout of the individual property.
All of our properties are fully title searched and have been surveyed by certified land surveyors. The properties we offer are planned and approved in such a way that they are guaranteed to be buildable – However, there is no obligation to build. Even after a property purchase with us we are here to help with your desired next steps. Whether it is paying property tax, opening a bank account, developing your property, or building a house or vacation home – We are here for you!

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Virtual Viewing of our Property in Canada...

When choosing your property, we are not only at your side with advice and action, but we also provide you with as much information as possible. This includes not only the corresponding plans, but also photos of the area, of the developments and the individual properties, as well as aerial photos taken with our Drone. In order to give you an even better impression of the properties, we are also regularly on the move with our cameras to individually to give you views of the properties. And when possible, we will even take you on a virtual Live tour of your property.

Our beautiful Cape Breton Island...

Our beautiful island Cape Breton Island belongs to the province of Nova Scotia and is located on the east coast of Canada. From the airport you can easily reach Cape Breton Island by car in just under 2 1/2 hours on smooth driving roads. Cape Breton Island has been one of the most beautiful islands in Canada and North America for many years and is also known an insider tip among Canadians. With an area just approximately 10,300 km2 in size Cape Breton has incredibly much to offer. Starting with miles of sandy beaches over breathtaking cliffs, North America’s only single malt whiskey distillery, golf courses that are among the best in the world, the Cabot Trail (one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world) to the Bras d’Or Lake. But as the lovely people here in Cape Breton say so beautifully: “Come and see for yourself!”

Our Services...

  • Buying Land From Us:

    This is where you get all the information on how purchasing land from Golden Lake Estates Ltd. will work. From the first contact through the selection of the various properties to the realization of your dream.

  • Legal Security:

    Your satisfaction is important to us!
    And because of that we clarify all relevant points in advance and thus offer you the greatest possible security.

  • The Surveying:

    We work with experienced and qualified land surveyors to ensure we can make correct statements about the size of the property and that the property boundaries are clearly recognizable.

  • The Exchange Right:

    the right to exchange property is very rare in the real estate industry. Although it is not used often, it is very important to us because it creates trust and we stand behind our offers!

Unsere Leistungen für Sie...Golden Lake Estates Ltd.
Unsere Leistungen für Sie...Golden Lake Estates Ltd.

...for you

  • Houses and Vacation homes:

    Would you like to fulfill your dream of your own holiday home in Canada? We are happy to assist you with help of our experienced partners in building your dream home.

  • Winter Services & Street Maintenance:

    We make ensure that our subdivision roads are cleared of snow in winter and are in a good condition for traffic all year round so you can always reach your property easily.

  • Benefits after the land purchase:

    A proven network of supportive people, with whom we are happy to establish contact with for
    our customers if necessary.